Use Slitter cuts off a Tin plate to the direction of can-body and can-height for making a blank by using a circle edge.
Model number GS-30
Production speed 30 sheets^min
The measurement of
cutting plate
The minimum
Sheet-shickness 0.18mm`0.50mm
Machine measurement 6200(L)~1879(W)~1300(H)mm^3000kg
Future Our slitter can adjust high-precision angle by pushing finger behind. (}0.1) Easy maintenance.

Feeding 20kg at once (Max.)
Feeding speed 500sheets/min. (Beverage can)
Melit Men and forklifts can cross between slitters because the robot carry sheets above.

Use Repair for inside of welding point, and Repair for the stripe rust of outside
Product name
Model number
Inside & Outside coating system
The method of repair Inside : Hot-air spray system@15`25
Outside : The felt roller coat system@5`7
Can-diameter What kind of cans for
All kind of can available
The method of
The hot wind and a directly vertical burner, and cooling system (Three zone system)

Use Repair for inside of welding point by stick to heat melts tape
Capacity 5G square cansF60cans^min
Pail cansF50cans^min
In-line systemF60cans^min
Heating device The high frequency induction heating
Gas burner heating of cooling air system
The capacity is approximately data. So we can design for each production speed of can making lines.

Use The cover feeder for general cans
Model number CCF-40 series
Specification CapacityFMax 40 sheets^min
Can cover
Can height 50`250mm@If you need a special SPEC, let me know please.
The number
of stock
25 sheets^60mm ` 40 sheets^100mm for one unit (max 7`9 unit)


Model EX-50
Capacity 50 cans^miniMax 60 cans^minj
Can diameter
Can height
The method of adjustment
for welding point
The vertical Expander can find a welding point by using a color sensor and rotating of a servomotor.
The number of head
adjustment for welding
Two heads for rough adjustment, and two heads for accurate adjustment. The total head number is four.
Machine measurement 2500(L)~1350(W)~2500(H) 4000kg
The beginning of a conveyor
is approximately

Model EX-30
Capacity 30 cans^min
Can diameter 175mm^300mm
Futures Four rollers at corner can suppress to be deformed to a minimum.
Easy maintenance
Machine measurement
1950(L)~1050(W)~1000(H) 1600kg
1000(L)~1100(W)~1000(H) 500kg

Use Ear-welder & Bailing-machine can weld Ear automatically for attach a handle of Pail can.
We have another Ear-welder & Bailing-machine for not only large can(ex. Pail can), but also small can (ex. General can).
Model ET-50P@ET-30
Capacity 50 cans^min
30 cans^min
Can diameter
Can height
Machine measurement 4900(L)~1700(W)~2200(H) ^ 3500kg
Futures This machine can adjust the welding point for mash seam welding (overlap0.6mm)
This machine is realized to stable and good welding by using a half wave of alternating current.
The welding condition monitor is attached as a accessory.B

Model DLMP-30^60
Capacity One lane type is 30 covers/min
Two lane type is 60 covers/min
Kind of cover Rug top coverALever-band cover, etc.
Dispenser Servomotor speed control system
Intermittent conveyance by Oscillation Cam
Accessories Automatically hot compound tank and a feeding pomp
An alarm sensor for rubber empty
Main body@1500(L)~1200(W)~1700(H)mm - Two lane type
Control box@1200(L)~400(W)~800(H)

Model 5GPL-60
Production Speed 60 cans /min (5G square cans)
600 cans/min (Beverage can)
300 cans/min (Food cans and General cans)
Futures We can propose another device for connection to Palletizer including banding machine, automatically turn over device, automatically pallet feeder, and a conveyer exit.
Advice of efficient layout of your factory is available.
5GPL -60: 17480(L)~5880(W)~3900(H)mm 7000kg
From a turn over device to a conveyer exit.

Use Adjust to the direction of handle in front of Ear-welder &
Adjust to a point for repair of outside by hand-gun
Adjust to a point every kind of inspection or packing.
Capacity 50 cans^min
Adjustment for
}45 degree
Detection sensor Vibration sensor (contact type)
Color sensor Luminous paint sensor
Rotating direction
Detecting direction
Available to switch right and left.
Available to switch 180 degrees.
Futures Keep stable rotating and stopping by special roller and V-belt drive motor with clutch & brake. Available to change forward & reverse, and rotating speed by inverter control.
Measurement 3000(L)~880(W)~PL650mm (minimum)

If you have another needs except for above, please contact us at any time!
We can propose many kind of can making line for your needs.

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